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We share a bit of the creative process of Estampamos, where ideas are born and beautiful details turn out.

At Estampamos, we know that knowing market trends is important to create new products. But this is only a guide to what companies can offer as the sector progresses and the preferences of customers, who are always looking for innovation, something that represents them, that catches their attention.

While keeping an eye on trends is a practical resource to know what the public is asking for, it is also important to take a little risk and get out of the box, as that is where the true innovation results.

Looking a little beyond what surrounds us is not an easy task in a sector that constantly calls for the launch of new products or designs that customers ask for.

Every time we create something, we generate ideas based on what surrounds us. Nature, landscapes, architecture, photography ... And it is not only about what we can see, but about what we feel or experience; a trip, the taste of a meal, the breeze from the beach or the humidity of the jungle, the sweet and acid aromas… All the moments that generate ideas and bring to mind images that we can capture on fabrics.

An acid aroma that evokes green, orange and yellow colors, or sweet colors that do not make you think of pinks, purples and blues. A spicy flavor that inspires red or refreshing that makes us combine blues and whites. The breeze from the beach, which recreates marine animals; the heat of the jungle, which brings us wild animals; or the humid forest, which inspires a lot of vegetation. Even architecture shows us patterns that we can follow.

Thus, it is not just about following what is established. It is also necessary to look at what surrounds us to create new ideas, because innovation is not generated only by following what the industry says. While it is important to be attentive to the information we receive, it is also advisable to go outside the box, as people are always looking for new proposals and our job is to provide them not only what they are looking for, but also to propose what they can do, that they dare to take something different and fill your spaces with beautiful details.

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