Rooms full of life

For single-color sofas, adding patterned cushions will bring the room to life.

A good alternative to give variety in each season to the space where they receive visitors or have a delicious coffee, is to get a full-length sofa, which is completely white, black or brown; or if they dare more, bet on colors, taking into account that they are not very flashy.

Choose a sofa in green, yellow, blue or pink colors. In light tones and in full background.

In this way, you can combine accessories that fill the space as you wish. For example, putting cushions of different sizes will add dimension to the space.

Also play with the designs. Find various patterns, colors, patterns, and shades, and play with them until you feel comfortable.

For a white or black sofa, the combinations you can make are endless.

Another advantage over this recommendation is that it allows you to change only the decoration each season or choose a collection that you like from time to time. For example, for Christmas, you can decorate with cushions that give that theme, the most usual is to bet on combinations of green, red and finished in gold or silver. At the end of the parties, change the theme and organize the place with the styles you prefer.

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